Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bad music and other business

I don’t know what to bitch about today. It’s been a while. There is a lot that ticks me off, from the constant crime, to revolving door prisons, cost of living increasing, bonehead celebs, and just plain dumb people that irritate the hell out of me. And if that was not bad enough, has some creepy person calling again and again, having no idea who it was. “Why don’t you track the country code,” thank you Sylvia, lol….and yeah, Singapore…must be the mafia or some poor lonely fool who think stalking is the way to win my heart.


Ahh well. So let’s get into the September spirit and be a patriot and feel glad and proud to live in Belize, our wonderful little jewel, undiscovered and unspoiled, pristine, glorious, land of the free, a melting pot, and just really nice and friendly. Listen to the wonderful carnival songs about how we all come together as a wonderful people and nation, it’s time to celebrate our independence and jump and be free.


Of course those of you who know me have figured out the previous paragraph was dripping with disdain and sarcasm, I think I threw up a little.


Ok, so now on to music. Let’s start local before I tackle the evils of world music. On the news last night, some girl from Corozal was showing her music video, about September, about Belize. It was original, I swear. Belize flag waving, wonderful Caribbean or soca beat and rhythm, lyrics about her wonderful country, people coming together, I almost cried…..oh wait……wonder where I heard that before? How about every damn September? I swear, if it is not about how much we love this land, it’s about “di youth dem” and TBH, as people write these days, it gets tiresome. How about something new and refreshing that is NOT about swaying coconut trees, or how much you love the ‘mami’ (backed up by very generic reggaeton beats) or about the poverty and the youths on drugs?


And no, do not tell me “Can you do better?” I don’t sing, never said I could. But if you gonna make music and the videos that go along with them, how about something that sounds new with a video that does not include the quintessential dancing girls on a dock, or some reggaeton copy with bad autotune only dancing by waving his hands back and forth with some girl in the background pretending the water or the beach is really that interesting?


I dunno. I think I did enough for today. Gonna leave bashing Be the Next Superstar for another rant.

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Belize sounds... fun?