Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Things for December

So I am supposed to write about feet, thanks Joey.

For those of you who don't know, Joey is our intern here, a Jewish girl from New York, vegetarian, and someone who gets mad because I won't allow her to celebrate Christmas...damnit that is OUR holiday. She is cool though, just turned 20 (ha ha no longer a teen) and keep me laughing all day. She wanted to know if I had a blog, because let's face it, I am pretty funny when I rant about stupid shit, like dumb people on the phone or on the emails, or creepy people on Facebook, no names called. But I cannot rant or talk about feet at length, so gotta find something else.

Gangnam Style anyone? Yes even Madonna did it, and I cringed....I was NOT fond of that. What is it with these fads that catch on so easily? And so many people latching on to it, trying to make themselves cool? Or thinking you are awesome if you blare it loudly on bad speakers on the back of a bus all the way from the Mexican border to Belize City? Yeesh! This song needs to disappear and take One Direction and Carly Rae Jepsen with it....KPOP will always be annoying, I never loved it in Taiwan, I will not like it now, and I will not dance to it, no matter how much I drink or how much cocaine I snort.

No Joey, more women should NOT be working at Subway, they take long enough to serve people at times, all we need are gossipy people with bad weaves taking too many bathroom breaks and catching pms once a week, to slow things down even further.

I am running out of ideas? Guess being in love makes you not notice all the crap in the world as much as you use to. Gotta thank my lil elf for until next time, well...

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Anonymous said...

awww, A Joey sounds awesome. Got to get me one of those. And no, not the baby Kangaroo, the human variety.