Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Click if you love Jesus

Click to save your soul, click to show your love for Jesus and hate for Satan. Yes. I am sure all of you have seen that picture on Facebook demanding you click and share and like if you want to be saved from the warming features of fire and brimstone. So those of you who don’t click, guess I’ll see you in hell. I did not click, not because I don’t love Jesus, but because I don’t need to click to show it. God does not like a public show-off, remember?

So, I decided to become the anti-like person. I challenge people to find the ‘I love Satan’ button to click, and would you believe, there is none? So I posted a picture of the Last Supper, altered slightly…and people thought me evil, and “not nice” and even though I did not ask people to click like or dislike, I still got “major dislike” and “you should repent.” Is it my fault your faith is so shaky that seeing a picture you don’t like of Jesus makes you feel weak?

It’s funny how people get upset over me posting something unflattering of Jesus, all in the name of supposedly loving Satan. I am not a Satanist. But if I was I would love the option of being able to share that openly without being ridiculed. How can these ‘Christians’ get so pious when they also eat cows (a symbol for the Hindus, I think, of something holy) and even close their doors to missionaries of another doctrine who are simply spreading the word of the same man they call god?

So excuse me if you don’t like me posting pics on Facebook you don’t like. Too damn bad. As long as there are people ‘liking’ Jesus on Facebook and shoving their religion in our faces, get used to be doing the same to you, shoving my ideas in your face.


Mice said...

To each their own! That is life!

HALK 1926 said...

Fuck satan LOVE JESUS<3