Friday, April 27, 2012

The curse of the know it all

Some people know it all. They don't need help because they can do it all. Most of the time, they truly do suck at what they do, but think it is pure gold. I know that I know a lot, and most of what I do know, is from my own experience, and because I like to read. I am not afraid to live. There are some things I refuse to do because I have done it already and found it to be tedious, or boring, or just dangerous, such as riding a ferris wheel or eating wasabi. But there are those people who can do it all, and have done it all, so they know it all.

My job requires me to be many things, from a grunt down in the dirt digging, to hauling stones and walking through mud, and also as a spokesperson for the institute, to share ideas, to educate, to shine, and be part of a machine, where I am no greater than the other nuts and bolts. But some people seem to think, that being in the office and working on events and speaking to the public has no business in archaeology. But why bother with the archaeology bit if no one knows what or why we are doing it? We are not grave robbers anymore, and archaeology has become a business in Belize, and we are the face of that business, and the voice...some of us have nicer faces and voices....

So to you, big mouth, know it all, let us assure you, we are not scared of our job. Sometimes we cannot go places because there are things that need to get done ASAP in the office, things that you are too green to handle, or simply lack the people skills to comprehend. You do not work alone, you are not better than us, even if you think you are. We are equal, even if we do different things. Sometimes your ideas are not wanted, so best do us all a favor, keep your damn mouth shut.

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