Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Get ready to hate

The power of the people, to do what is right.....to protest and march and bitch and moan....all for a social conscience. My take on it? Save the conscience for yourself. Yes peoples, I am going to go on a very politically incorrect rant here. You want the truth? All of your marching and wearing ribbons, does jack shit. Its nice to wear awareness by wearing a green shirt for earth day while not doing anything about it. I am sure the earth will thank you when all those ribbons get tossed out into the trash.

A friend of mine, not naming who.....wants to walk for cancer or something, to make people aware. I think people are pretty fucking aware of the nuisance that cancer can be. Shaving your head for solidarity, I mean its all well and cute, but no it does not cure cancer and does not make you a hero. Told you I would be incorrect, and cynical. But those who know me would not expect any less.

People always need a cause. People spread causes on Facebook like the mosquito spreads malaria. Click 1000 times for little Timmy to get an operation, or save this cow from the butcher. Nice try. Sad thing is, lots of mooks actually fall for it and share it, but it does help to give and indication as to those with low double digit IQ's, no offense to any of you who qualify.

So don't come to me and expect me to wear white in protest of some little girl who got raped, or to wear black to protest offshore drilling. Lets get the rapist and make those white shirts red by beating his ass up in public. Less words and gestures, and more damn action. Less whining people. Protesting is not gonna stop murder, and forget raising awareness. We already know. Did you not think that perhaps we don't wanna be reminded that we live in a shitty world?

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