Monday, March 26, 2012

So its come to this

Ok, so a friend of mine is watching Tosh.0, and I am at work. Another good buddy of mine, a hot red head, and if you know my friends, there is only one ginger in there so its easy to figure out who that is, well this buddy began writing a blog. Its cute and so like him. He had asked me if I write, and I recalled, I have like 5 or 6 blog sites I never write to, and I only post my poetry on forums.

So maybe I should write daily or something, even though the thought of what may come out in black or white scares me, for my daily thoughts may range from MDNA to MDMA to my bitch slapping one Snow White, and whether Snow White should be resurrected or not, to the untimely departure of a musketeer.

Then moments and thoughts come, I just sit wondering if I am happy here or not, in this life, in this job, all of it. So yes I got another failed relationship, and the chance at a new one faded like cheap perfume even before the first date. And maybe I am a schizo, I am insane, I am blunt and rude and crude and a damn Brit, and for those who don't like it, leave me in the dark one asked you to stay, fucknut.

Sometimes just to save the while
I force myself to try and smile
A fracture in my stable head
So people will not think me dead

They can see I am the same
The same blood in that same vein
But it flows from a bitter start
Such that comes from a busted heart

They choose what they want to see
Brighter color from darker me
I slip away...

They choose what they want to see
Brighter color from darker me
So not to mar the perfect scene
With face unkempt and thoughts unclean

So I walk and keep in time
To fall in rhythm and perfect rhyme
To see my shadow beside theirs
With pleasant dreams and absent fears

Differences are what must hide
The moral laws I must abide
I slip away...

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