Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hurray for Tuesday?

I eventually had to drag myself out of bed today, as I do every day. After getting little sleep the night before, which is usual for me, I had to get up and grumble, especially since its a Tuesday. You know how some people get up and smell the roses? I get up and wanna strangle my cat for meowing too damn loud and drown the parrot for singing. Guess you know by now I am not a morning person, and the next person who says Good Morning Sunshine gets it....and will never see the sunshine again.

But thank god for the bus ride to work, one hour of just me and my music. There are people on the bus, but I acknowledge no one. I am not a social creature on the bus and can hardly be interested in anyone or their lives at that time of the day. Yes, I am a miserable fuck on the bus that early in the morning. I hate everything, all noises, and smells, and images...which is usual for me....

Now those of you cheerful Rose Nylunds out there, who wake up with a smile and singing like Snow White, I applaud you...but keep your damn cheer to yourself, nobody wants to know its a beautiful day, you don't have to go to pieces over the sun shining again, it does every damn day. If you wanna say your prayers and kiss a flower, its all well and good but don't rub such an unnatural lifestyle in my face...no one needs to know that you do that just plain weird.

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buznog said...

No argument there, except you are not schizophrenic. Instead of tokenism, give money or hands-on work to repair the world